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Coming Soon!!! … 29 Cu Ft  Domestic Freeze Dryer

Home Freeze Dryer Using, "True", Freeze Drying Sublimation Process

Manufacturer Of Home Freeze Drying Units With 29 cu ft Of Freeze Drying Space…

Freeze Dry Your Garden Fruits, Vegetables, Home Cooked Recipes, Eggs, Butter, Milk…

Freeze Dry Just About Anything You Can Think Of By, "True", Sublimation ….

Storage Life If Vacuum Packed… 25 yrs.+

Imagine Making Your Own Powder Freeze Dried Milk, Real Powdered Freeze Dried Juice, Freeze Dried

Fruits & Vegetables From Your Garden, Freeze Dried Meats & Home Cooked Foods, And Meals

The Way You Like Them!……

The Ideal Self Storage System For Home Food Storage Production. Lower Cost Than

Commercially Available Freeze Dried Foods. Less Expensive Than Canning! No Glass Jars To Break. No Bad Seals On Canning Jars! No High Temperature Pressure Cooking! Light Weight, More Nutritional Value Than Heat Processed Foods. Produce Your Own Emergency Food Storage By Freeze Drying At Home And Save Money!

Sublimation is the transition of a substance directly from the solid phase to the gas phase without passing through an intermediate liquid phase. Sublimation is an endothermic phase transition that occurs at temperatures and pressures below a substance's triple point in its phase diagram. In freeze-drying, the material to be dehydrated is frozen and its water is allowed to sublime under reduced pressure or vacuum.

Freeze Dryer Space  27” Wide x 28” Deep x 66” Tall  

Low Temp Freezer For Smaller Ice Crystals & Fast Freeze -25 deg F.

Heavy Duty Vacuum Pump And Vacuum Chamber To 30 inches Hg

Condensing unit 115 v @ 6.93 RLA Minimum Circuit Ampacity 12  Max Fuse Size 15 Amps


32 Each Sheet Pan, Full Size, 18" x 26" x 1", 16 Gauge Aluminum

32 Each Pan Grate, 16" x 24", Fits Full Size Pans, Chrome Wire
Used to stand off food from Sheet Pan For Faster Drying.

Rack Spacing 2 inches apart for maximum space utilization.

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